Neighborhood Concerns
Alder Creek Natural Area 
AN EFFORT to develop the 26th Ave E right of way in the Alder Creek Natural Area for cars 
October 2018
Dear neighbors,
A property owner on the undeveloped portion of 26th Ave E would like to build a driveway in the right of way, with car storage on the west side of Alder Creek. Their plan calls for the removal of several big trees in the right of way, both on the creek and adjacent to the park, and it buries the creek next to the footpath in a twelve-foot long culvert. Our neighbor is working with the Seattle Departments of Transportation and Construction & Inspections to prepare a land use application. The Alder Creek Natural Area (the park), the 26th Ave E right of way and E Prospect Street are three publicly-owned properties joined together by a mature grove of Alder, Cottonwood, Big Leaf Maple, and Oregon Ash; this grove meets the city's definition of an "exceptional tree," meaning the grove deserves protection in its own right. The neighbor would like to remove up to thirteen big trees from this grove in order to develop the natural area for use by cars and other vehicles. The natural area is a unique feature of our neighborhood. Many of us walk or jog along the footpath bordering the creek daily. Many neighbors, in cooperation with Green Seattle and the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, have volunteered with others from the broader Seattle community to restore the Alder Creek Natural Area: the park restoration is now in its eleventh year and has connected the park with the greenspace created by the two unimproved rights-of-way. The three properties provide a substantial habitat corridor for wildlife year-round and are a publicly-owned wooded area. If this is of interest to you, and you would like to participate in the public process, please contact Wallis Bolz, on Nextdoor Arboretum or at Wallis Bolz and Max Morris 

Development to Replace City Peoples Garden Store    
Save Madison Valley has submitted its 105-page appeal of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection's approval of plans for the 82-unit mixed-use development--The Madison.  Members of our community feel strongly that this project is NOT RIGHT.   • A building that towers 80 feet high in an “NC-40” zone (four-story zone)?   • Clear cut a protected grove and exceptional trees?   • A massive building in a liquefaction zone with a history of flooding?   • Inviting in traffic that will overwhelm our streets and intersections—turning our walkable neighborhood into a drive-through?   Does this sound like responsible development to you??? Let’s tell the City we want them to do their job to protect communities and manage development. We want our neighborhood — and our City — to grow in a way that is healthy and livable.  To learn more visit  

City People's Garden Store
Velmeir Development